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The UAF Cooperative Extension Service Mission is to interpret and extend relevant research-based knowledge in an understandable and usable form; and to encourage the application of this knowledge to solve the problems and meet the challenges that face the people of Alaska.

The Cooperative Extension Service is an outreach educational delivery system supported by a partnership between the United States Department of Agriculture and the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the College of Rural and Community Development.

The Cooperative Extension Service offers community programs through its network of district offices that cover topics in four main subject areas:

  • Home Economics
  • 4H and Youth Development
  • Land Resources
  • Community Development

rur-05-1511-074.jpgThe Northwest District is composed of Nome, 15 villages in the Bering Straits Region, Kotzebue and the 11 village that make up the Northwest Arctic Borough. The population of this region is 16,505 spread over an area of 80,000 square miles. The region is predominately Alaska Native (83%) with the majority of the remaining population primarily Caucasian. The region is subsistence oriented. It is also the center of the reindeer industry as well as a center for much of the state's mining. The economy of the region is based primarily on state and federal monies.

Classes offered through the Cooperative Extension Services in the region have included the following: Cold Climate Home building, Solar Power for Alaska, Gardening, Food Preservation, Food Safety, Child Development, Home Visiting Skills, Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Basic Prospecting, Global Positioning System, Meat Cutting and Experiential Learning.

The Northwest District Office of the Cooperative Extension Service is staffed by an Administrative Assistant and District Agent. The office is located to the north of Nagozruk Administration building, in the Community Outreach building.

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